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March 2, 2021
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March 2, 2021

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Question 1 This question is out of the Private Security book

I. Primary Post #2 (due by Thursday, June 7, 11:59 PM):Using at least 400 words in complete sentences, discuss (or react to) any aspect of the text reading for this week…

  • Chapters 4, 5, 6

Question 2 and 3 just needs a 150 word response.


Chapter 5 Question 1,

The forensic techniques that are shown in all CSI shows and or forensic shows are glamorized, making it look really high tech and eye catching to the viewer. CSI shows always portray their jobs as if their jobs were exciting and also interactive with the evidence. All CSI shows display the term called the CSI Effect. This effect portrays the forensics’s work as if the workers in the real world will be using a big touch screen device; to find more evidence within the case. When working in a real forensics lab, you do not have touch screen tables, or big touch screen tv’s. The workers in the real world most likely have a small room to do ballistics, finger printing the old fashion way with fine powders, and more. The shows always make the real world like its very fun. In the real world, you wont be driving sport cars and such when arriving onto a crime scene.

In each police department there are police officers, K9 units, and crime scene investigators and also detectives. Detectives positions are the most well known within the police department, due to the fact that the detectives are more handon with the evidence then most others. The reason there are criminal investigators in police departments is that most but not all people are use to the old days where the detectives go out on the field and do the actual work, and dig deeper to find the hard hitting evidence. Some will say that technology is best used for situations like trying to find more evidence for a case, others will say having a real person on the field produces more results. My option, advance technology is great, advance technology speeds the process of trying the find the criminal, but also may make several errors in the process. I believe by having a real human on the field will make the investigation go smoothly and may not produce such errors as advance technology may.

Question 3

Trinity Ballard

Question One


While forensics on television has brought awareness to forensics in real life, the way it is portrayed is simply not the same. In CSI shows, it makes it seem as if everything from scientific techniques, DNA, and fingerprinting can all be done in an hours time. This makes it appear as if crime is easy and quick to solve, but in the real world it can be a long and difficult process. Not only do t.v. shows make it seem easy and quick, but the shows depict more elaborate technologies used. This can cause issues because it can make it seem as labs have no limitations when solving crime. Both of these things can lead to one viewing forensic science as effortless, when there is so much more that goes into it. These caused the proposal of the CSI effect, in which the message underlying fictional portrayals of forensic investigation “offers glamour, certainty, self-discipline, objectivity, truth, and justice all rolled into one, and in doing so effortlessly accommodates much-heralded successes” (Stevens 2007, p.40

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