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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

project construction simple parser

You will illustrate the basic phases of the compilation process (lexical, syntax, and

semantic analysis) through a simple compiler for a programming language model


The programming language “NEWLANG” is very simple.

A. Lexical Conventions of NEWLANG

1. The keywords of the language are the following:

declare read write

All keywords are reserved, and must be written in lower case.

2. Special symbols are the following:

{ } ( ) = + – ;

3. Other tokens are NAME that represents a string of letters and numbers, starting with a

letter, and NUMBER that represents a sequence of digits.

Lower and upper case letters are distinct.

4. White space consists of blanks, newlines, and tabs. White space is ignored except it

must separate NAME’s, NUMBER’s, and keywords.


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