conduct an informational interview
October 9, 2021
Being an engineer can be exciting career because engineers may design a product, apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop solutions to technical problems, and test components to maintain quality.
October 9, 2021

Project: conduct quantitative analysis ( need expert in excel to make | CBR:600 Cybersecurity | University of Maryland College Park

Only someone expert in (EXCEL) can do this project. First of all, I have already done the project in the attached file (Spread Sheet needs corrections). Also, I am providing an example of a spreadsheet that will give you an idea of how it looked like before I actually started working on this. Moving on, I ended up failing this project due to not following the instructions given by those steps provided by the professor. . For that reason, I would like you to make corrections by following Project Instructions, Starting from steps 1-10.

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