Task II
November 22, 2021
Considering the variables and design that you described in the first question, what information would a factorial ANOVA provide you (think of which F-values are computed and evaluated)? Why would this be significant to your research? “
November 22, 2021

Programmed cell death | Biology homework help


Post a Response

In multicellular organisms, most cells that are created by mitosis are integrated into the structure of the organism. This week’s lesson looks at what happens to cells that don’t integrate properly, that are not needed, or that fail certain quality-control checkpoints in the cell cycle. Watch the Apoptosis video, then address the following two issues:

  • Describe at least two ways that apoptosis helps animals.
  • What aspect of apoptosis do you find most interesting or significant? Explain.



Discussion Requirements

Your primary post should be your own thoughts and should be at least 125 words. To meet the length expectations, be sure to address the topic completely. Flesh it out with detailed explanations or examples as appropriate.

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