Use the 6 articles as references only**
June 4, 2018
Compare and contrast the Codes of Ethics* applicable in your professional practice to that of the Code of Ethics for health educators. What are the similarities? What are possible differences?
June 4, 2018

Program Evaluation and Core Competencies Resources

Program Evaluation??INTRODUCTION?Program evaluation is a systematic process of collecting and analyzing analytical data and using those analytics to answer questions about the nursing program. Accrediting bodies have specific guidelines and criteria that many programs have adopted to help programs gain this data. It makes the reporting of this data easier to disseminate. This unit will discuss the process and advantages of program evaluation.
Program Evaluation and Core Competencies
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has established core competencies in nursing education.
* How can nurse educators use this information to properly evaluate the curriculum?
* How can these core competencies be used to develop a program evaluation?
* Can this information be used to make recommendations of curricular revisions?
150 word minimum discussion
Role of Accreditation in Evaluating
Nursing education programs are accountable to internal and external stakeholders for conducting timely evaluation of the program. Consider the role of accreditation in program evaluation.
* What is the focus of accrediting standards and criteria for nursing programs or continuing education (CE) provider units?
* How can accrediting agencies help you in developing a comprehensive evaluation of the program?
* What are the benefits to program evaluation?
* 150 word minimum discussion
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