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November 20, 2020
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November 20, 2020

PowerPoint presentation on Ebola | Blackboard Masters

As a chief legal/ethics officer of your organization, present 2 pages PowerPoint slides (read below).
EBOLA –The ABC123 Hospital is preparing for the first patient with Ebola-like symptoms. How in your role (as chief legal/ethics officer ) will you provide strategic leadership to all staff members and how will you use your role to further reduce the spread of infection, and also how will you educate patients and the community at large?
The solution will include:

a statement of the organization’s objectives based on the facts of the case

an overall statement of the management challenge presented by the case

the proposal that best meets the challenge and the organization’s objectives, taking into consideration the needs of the departments represented by the student roles

a defense of the proposal

APA only reference page.


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