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April 6, 2021
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April 6, 2021

potential and performance discussion

Two topics to be answered separately

What is Potential?

“That person has so much potential.” “He is a natural leader!” “She understands what I need.”

What makes us say these comments about certain individuals? Choose two individuals that you personally know and have said these comments about. Analyze the characteristics and defend why these individuals have high potential.

Performance vs. Potential

You have been asked to look at increasing the job performance of a sales division and you need to identify, assess, and develop employees. Answer the following questions keeping in mind the definitions of a performer and individual potential:

  1. Define how you are going to distinguish between performers and potential
  2. Identify what measures can you use to assess performance versus potential?
  3. Identify what actions can you take to develop high performers and high potential?


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