October 9, 2021
October 9, 2021

Political Science homework help

For this assignment, you will be thinking of a social topic, and how you would study it. What method would you use? Why? What makes this a good topic for sociological research?(I want to write something about food, but I was hesitating about how to choose a right topic, and how to write it)1:Proposal. (Due Feb-25 4:00 pm)Think of a topic that can be studied sociologically, or something you want to know more about in the social world.Write a short (one or paragraph) proposal outlining your ideas.2: Three pages paper. ( Due Mar-14th 11:59 pm)In your introduction, clearly state your topic, and how/why you want to understand it sociologically. Introduce the theories and methods you would use.In the body,explain why you would use these theories or methods. Cite social research (doesn’t have to be academic) and the textbook to support why they best fit your idea for research.In your conclusion, address why this topic is important to study. Address any limitations or drawbacks. Discuss how both different theories and different methods may understand the topic differently, or how one is more suitable than the other.Papers would be three pages, with a works cited page detailing all of the references you used. Make sure you cite.


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