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May 21, 2021
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May 21, 2021
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please follow directions and answer each question

Compare and contrast the following four security frameworks for addressing cybersecurity risk.

–NIST Cybersecurity Framework (or NIST Risk Management Framework)

–ISACA IT Risk Management Lifecycle

–CIS Top 20 Security Controls

–ISO IEC 27001/27002

Arrange the paper as outlined below, and be sure to answer the four questions.

TITLE PAGE (separate page)



  1. Is one framework better (i.e., more effective) than the others?
  2. Would the implementation of any of the frameworks have prevented a recent cyber attack in the news?
  3. Could they have reduced the impact to organizations?
  4. Which one would work best for your workplace organization?

Be sure to explain and justify your answers. Include references.


Figures and Tables (can be on a separate page)


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