November 25, 2021
Assignment 13 | Economics homework help
November 25, 2021

photo8 introduction of photography 1

Chapter Theme to Outside Text

Pick a theme discussed within Chapters 4-6 of the digital textbook and connect it to a book or article that you have read outside of class. You can choose to do this as either a written reflection or as a video, following the guidelines below. Respond to at least 2 other student reflections by the assignment deadline.

Written: Compose a thoughtful written reflection (minimum 150 words total) connecting a chapter theme to a book or article that you have read outside of class. Format the title of the book/article in bold within the text body (as opposed to as a section header) and use specific details from it to connect back to the chosen chapter theme. Include the total word count on top of your submission. (In Microsoft Word go to Tools>Word Count)


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