Problem and Sub-problem
November 20, 2020
PCN-445 Topic 8 DQ 1
November 20, 2020

PFP Assignment No Plagiarism and Original Work Only

No Plagiarism and Original Work Only
Your assignment is to think through the things you want to accomplish in life. It should be 10 pages in length (double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins).
The purpose of this assignment is to write down your goals for your future and determine where you want to be. Be very specific with the goals you set. Your goals may include graduating with your MBA, having children, investing in their college funds, buying a home/vacation home, retiring with $1 million, taking a round-the-world vacation, etc.
As you think through your goals, recognize that there are many different ways to organize them.
You can organize them by time frame: short/medium/long-term. You can organize them by responsibility: family, work, education, church, and so on. Or you can organize them by priorities, with your highest-priority goals first.
As you read through each chapter in the text, think of how you can apply your newly acquired knowledge to further develop your personal financial plan. If you need some help with applying the concepts you come across to your personal life, look at the end of chapter Action Plans. Each chapter closes with an Action Plan that should help you put your knowledge into action.
For example, in Chapter 1 we talk about choosing a career, preparing for the unexpected (as with economic downturns) etc. As you look over your previously listed goals, you may want to include information about your career path that may impact your goals, as well as contingency plans should you find yourself in another 2008 economic situation. In Chapter 2 we discuss the use of personal financial statements as well as budget development. After you read Chapter 2, you may decide to add elements of certain financial statements or a working budget to your personal financial plan.
The objective is to add/modify your personal financial plan as you acquire more tips/suggestion/recommendations given your newly acquired knowledge base throughout the semester.
Side note: I understand that divulging personal financial information is intimidating, so please do not feel that you must do so for this assignment. If you want to, you may, but if you feel more comfortable developing a hypothetical salary/hypothetical budget and using these numbers as to develop your personal financial plan, you may do so. For example, I may decide that I will use the hypothetical example that my annual salary is $60,000. Everything I plan in my Personal Financial Plan will be developed on the assumption that that is my salary.
If at any time you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me via email, but please be sure you do not leave any questions to the very end of the semester. Not only does it put you in a precarious position, but it also informs the professor that you probably haven’t put as much time/effort into your assignment as you should have.


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