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August 24, 2020
A 1750 kg car drives around a flat 215m -diameter circular track at 26m/s. What is the strength of the net force acting on the car?
August 24, 2020

Peer Presentations


Peer Presentation:

Participants must choose from another academic or peer-reviewed journal source a pre-incident stress management program and include in your presentation the background/research, applications of the model/program, and implications for law enforcement agencies if considering this model/program/intervention (i.e. cost, training time, buy-in, etc.).

All participants are expected to present on the program using APA publication manual standards. In addition to furthering your knowledge of course learning objectives the Peer Presentation is also designed at providing the opportunity for presentation (a key skill set in the field of criminal justice) as well as a chance for robust, professional peer discussion. Peer Presentations will be minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 8 minutes per participant.

Presenting participants will post any handouts, references or presentation materials therefore I need you send those to me.

Second, I am required to both (a) submit a presentation (using APA formatting, you will find they outline standards even for presentations/slides – online) and (b) present the information in the peer presentation. Such as,

Most participants use PowerPoint, which is fine I need also and then I will need a note for each slide to discuss a speech of the PowerPoint on live-video myself will presenting.


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