topic 5 dq 2 30
April 8, 2021
Role of biomimicry/Southern California wildfires/The effects of the CA drought/Water pollution, or air pollution/How environmental decay causes emigration/The environmental effect of immigration (refugee camps, etc.)/-Globalization issues such as the cost to the environment when jobs are outsourced to places with little environmental oversight, or the ethics of outsourcing to places with little or no oversight for workers (unsafe working conditions such as Apple’s Foxcomm in China, or the building collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1,135 workers)/The degradation and loss of the tropical rainforests/The health of the Endangered Species Act (is it working? What is its prognosis under the current administration? /If you like the ocean or surfing, you can investigate ocean over-fishing, the dying coral reefs, or the giant vortex of garbage in the Pacific.
April 8, 2021

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