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NR393 Chamberlain College Week 2 Making Nursing History Today Paper

I have never had the opportunity to meet any famous nurses, but I do believe nurses are making history ever day in many ways whether within the nursing field itself, with patients, or with colleges. One nurse, who I know personally, that I feel like is making nursing history today within our hospital system is Shannon Clayton. Shannon is our hospital’s oncology infusion nurse manager. Shannon always has a positive attitude, stays engaged with her staff/team, is encouraging, and has an outstanding passion for nursing, her job, and her patients. She just recently received the Atrium Health Key Engagement Award Program (KEAP) Award. She was nominated according to Nursing Annual Report (2018) because she exemplifies performance excellence and teammate engagement (p. 8). Shannon has been and continues to be influential in the growth of the medical oncology practice and infusion center at AnMed Health motivating the staff to join our hospitals different nursing process improvement committees (Nursing Annual Report, 2018, p. 8). According to AnMed Health, every one of her staff are now a member of some form of nursing process improvement committee (p. 8). Shannon, for as long as I have known her, has been a great nurse and leader even before joining the Oncology Infusion team three years ago. She was the infusion nurse at my practice and has always been passionate about nursing and her career. Prior to being an infusion nurse, she held many other positions which included IV team nurse leader, ER nurse, and CCU nurse. Shannon reminds me of Florence Nightingale because she is nurturing like Nightingale. Judd and Sitzman (2014) states that Nightingale is known as “the Lady of with the Lamp” due to her spending long hours nurturing patients (p. 66). It was Nightingales determination and nurturing that helped shape nursing according to Judd and Sitzman (2014) even during the 1840s to 1860s when it was considered the dark period for nursing (p.69). I feel we need more nurses like Shannon and Nightengale with their nurturing, passion, and determination.


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