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October 9, 2021
what is your purpose as a nurse
October 9, 2021

NR 631 week 6 SR+summary

In attempt to set up a work breakdown structure for the class, I decided to break it down by each week we have and will encounter.   I felt that this approach would ensure that each of the weekly requirements were being completed, prior to moving onto the next section .  It will be interesting to post this and read about how other people perceive and develop their own WBS compared to my own understanding.  While I think this assignment certainly helps to get the concept of what this structure is, I can see that it will play a key role in my practicum project with regards to the construction portion of the project.  According to Baum & Benjamin (2017) utilizing a WBS during remodeling can keep a project on time and save costs as it serves as a communication tool and can help close communication gaps.Below find a WBS for this class and all of its activitiesWeek 11.1  Initial Learning agreement1.2  PICOT Worksheet1.3  Scholarly articles/research1.4  Complete Self Assessment1.5  CGE Project Introduction1.6  Review Phase 11.7  Submit Practicum LogWeek 22.1  Read required Chapters2.2  Project Scope2.3  Project Charter2.4  Research Scholarly articles2.5  Aspects of Project management TD2.6  Phase 1 – Swot Analysis2.7  Practicum LogWeek 33.1  Read Required Chapters3.2  Research Scholarly articles3.3  Literature Review3.4  Change Theory in Project management TD3.5  Phase 1 Appendix G3.6  Practicum logWeek 44.1  Read Required Articles4.2  Research Scholarly articles4.3  Communication plan4.4  Communication in Project management TD4.5  Turn in SWOT Analysis/Appendix G4.6  Practicum LogWeek5.1  Read Required Article5.2  Research Scholarly articles5.3  Complete Deliverables/CSF5.4  Resources in Project Management5.5  Review Phase 25.6  Practicum Log6.  Week 66.1  Read Required Articles6.2  Research Scholarly articles6.3  Work Breakdown Structure6.4  Planning and Scheduling TD6.5  Turn in Phase 2 Appendix B6.6  Practicum Log7.   Week 77.1  Read Required Articles7.2  Research Scholarly articles7.3  Risk Management and Human resources Management7.4  Controlling Risks and Project budgets7.5  Controlling Risks and Project Budgets TD7.6  Review Phase 37.8  Practicum Log8.  Week 88.1  Read Required Articles8.2  Research Scholarly articles8.3  Mid-CGE Learning agreement8.4  CGE Portfolio Part 18.5  Wrapping CGE Part 1 Collabortation Cafe8.6  Mentor Evaluation8.7  Turn in Phase 38.8  Practicum Log


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