His parents were pleased to observe that Greg enjoyed their present so much. After a week, his parents noticed that he wasn’t turning off the videogames at bedtime, and had begun turning homework in late. He was up so late playing that he would not get up for school without argument. His parents decided that enough was enough and took the video games away. Greg threw temper tantrums and persuaded his parents to buy him a computer after convincing them that it was necessary to keep up at school. Greg soon returned to the same pattern of behavior where he spent long hours and late nights at the computer. This time, his parents felt a false sense of security that he was doing his homework. One day, his curious parents decided to scan the computer history to see what Web sites Greg was browsing. To their horror, they discovered that Greg was spending many hours online playing interactive, sometimes violently graphic, games on the Internet. He was also chatting with other “gamers”. Before confronting Greg about his behavior, his mother and father agreed to investigate what types of intervention strategies might be available within their community. They have come to you, a behavioral consultant, for advice.
November 22, 2021
Your training evaluation tool must be included with your report defending the value of the training department.&nbsp
November 22, 2021

Netflix question | Business & Finance homework help


Use resource-based theory to assess the strength of Netflix.  Identify and describe at least three key resources and explain the degree to which you think they can be considered true strategic resources.

Describe what you see as Netflix’s core competency.  How do the resources you described contribute to that skill set?   

Remember that these resources should be specific to Netflix.  A condition in the environment around them would not be a strategic resource.

Format this as a professional document that you would provide to a manager.  Headings, sub-headings, bullet points are all good organizational tools.  This is not an essay.  No “I” or “we” should be used.  

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