What factors led to the panic of 1819? what government regulations
December 22, 2021
Qualitative journal article | Information Systems homework help
December 22, 2021

need these answered please 6

Discussion 1

Your reading this week is on terrorism. For this week you need to focus on one of the headings found in the reading: Before the Incident, During the Incident, or After the Incident and then:

Discuss the key elements found under your heading. Remember that an excellent post is one that brings in additional information, resources, etc.

Discussion 2

With terrorism playing a prominent role within our borders, some have suggested the possibility of combining efforts of the military with law enforcement.

1. What benefits could/would be gained by the criminal justice system as a whole by combining the efforts of military with law enforcement?

2. On which criminal activities would this joint effort have the most impact?


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