Peer Leadership Case study
September 6, 2021
Please do my homework
September 6, 2021

need help with my project. its a case study paper.

this paper must be coplete today at11pm. and be in APA format. Also answer each question with at least 100 words. and have in text citations.

Case Study Paper Instructions

There are many methods available for conducting research, one of which is a case study. The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn how to conduct and complete a case study.


Instructions: Answer the following 4 questions using current APA style throughout. This includes your title page, appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure, introductory statement, citations, page numbers, levels of headings throughout the document, and consistency between your citations and references. Use your textbook, the current APA manual, and any other scholarly sources you might find. This assignment must have 2–4 pages of text, not including the title page or the references. Give the answers to these questions in your own words and with your own explanation. Cite and list your various sources as references. Create a unique heading in your paper for each of these questions so as to be clear about which item you are answering.


1.     What is a case study?

2.     What are some reasons for using a case study approach?

3.     What are advantages and disadvantages of this approach?

4.     Where, or in what ways, can a researcher acquire information/data that can be used for a case study? In other words, what are some various sources for information that a researcher can use in a case study? Note: For question 4, these are 2 ways of stating the same question; these are not 2 separate questions.




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