after the class ended, the students had no memory of the lecture– all they could recall were the sexually explicit photographs shown at the start of class. This impaired memory is illustrative of:&nbsp
November 22, 2021
Don’s father also drank heavily on a daily basis. Don does not view his father’s drinking as problematic because his dad “went to work every day.”
November 22, 2021

My curriculum development w8 | Education homework help

 Learning ObjectiveDemonstrate knowledge of the relationship between educational theory and practice while planning instruction according to subject matter and curriculum and community goals.

Discussion Board

Discuss the educational perspective used by each interviewee while comparing and contrasting interviews. 

Assignment  Interview a classroom teacher and an administrator (principal or curriculum director) in an elementary, middle, or high school setting. Prepare a list of questions prior to your interview. Summarize the information you gathered from the interview and write one paragraph for each interview. Submit the assignment and the interview questions in the digital dropbox.

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