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October 22, 2020
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October 22, 2020

Museum Paper of Latin American Works of Art

Museum Paper Assignment Guidelines
Advice to Students: Follow the instructions listed below and do not deviate from what is required or paper will be returned for revisions and points will be deducted.
Overview of Assignment
Students are required to write a formal paper on any three artworks found in a museum that are from the geographic and temporal regions discussed in this course. Students should focus discussion on universal humanistic themes learned in class.
Paper Specifications
Paper length should be four pages long. Papers less than four pages will receive large deductions. Papers must be typed, double-spaced, Times Roman font, 12 point, and margins should not be adjusted. A cover page is not required or desired. Type your name at the top and the date, skip a space and begin typing so that your paper is four pages long. Papers must be spell checked and proofread. Students should provide copies of chosen artworks if possible at the end of paper and not integrated into the text or body of the paper. Paper must be spell checked and proofread. If student chooses to perform outside research, then a works cited section must be created.
The first work of art that I picked, it is the folding screen with Indian wedding and flying pole.
The other works of art by Vicente Alban
The third work of art that I picked was the manuscript .


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