you will outline an entire one act play comprised of six scenes thematically your play should fit into at least one of the areas of study that we engaged in this semester listed below as areas of focus in addition to the outline you will answer the
March 17, 2021
Week 3 Entrepreneurship Assignment
March 17, 2021

Mid Term Assignment Retake Anatomy And Physiology Revealed Quizzes


Your Mid-Term assignment will require you to RETAKE the Anatomy and Physiology Revealed (APR) quizzes for the following content modules: Body Orientation Integument Skeletal Muscular

You will be required to RETAKE these APR quizzes on each specific APR module of content during a particular date range identified by your instructor to ensure you are retaking these APR quizzes. You must score at least a 92% on each one, but will have multiple attempts to achieve that score. Once you completed all four APR quizzes, submit the summary pages of each APR quiz to the dropbox to document your completion and score. Please refer to the Student Resources in the left-hand course menu for instructions on how to take the APR quiz and submit your summary page.      

To access the McGraw-Hill Anatomy and Physiology Revealed, please follow the instructions listed in the Student Resources link in the left-hand course menu titled, “BSC2346L APR Login Instructions”. 

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