If a nation is selling more goods and services to foreigners than it
November 13, 2021
practical connection assignment 27
November 13, 2021



Choose one concept out of the following four broad areas/themes.

1. demonstrate an original creative concept for dining service/s – e.g.. serving/delivery, menu, preparation, presentation etc.
2. demonstrate an original creative concept for hotel/restaurant/guest room product/s, service/s and/or ambience/s
3. demonstrate an original creative concept for a hospitality theme and/or creative/unusual location
4. demonstrate an original creative concept for hospitality products/services automation
1. Description of the concept – what does the product/service involve, what format will it take, why will it
be fun and interesting, what is creative and original about it, when will it be held, who is it targeted at,
where will it be held, what will the activities be, what are challenging aspects of the product/task. –

2. Description of the process – How you generated the new original idea using the creative idea
generation methods.


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