____provides a snapshot of the financial condition of the firm at a particular time.
April 13, 2021
Experts in health care fraud prevention have noted that a successful culture of regulatory
April 13, 2021

m4 discussion


During this module we will discuss the challenges of finding a research problem to solve and how we construct a research proposal. To contribute to this discussion, please review the resources provided and answer the following questions:

1. How is the research you are proposing connected to the Sport Industry?

2. What type of research are you proposing and how will completing this research (solving the problem) contribute to the Sport Industry?

3. If you can identify the specific groups of people within the Sport Industry, then who are the people that will benefit the most and what are the benefits?

4. Who are some of the authors/experts whom have written in this area and what about their work connects with yours and the Sport Industry needs? You may understand this as a question focused on the Significance of the Study.


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