Nursing ~ APA ~ 7 slides power point with speaker note ~ Graduate Level
March 13, 2021
case study 3.4
March 13, 2021

love, honor and servant leadership

Provide a response to the below answer in at least 50 words in apa format with int-text citations and references:

The two words honor, and protection are equally important in guiding
servant leadership. A servant leader uses honor to show right and wrong
when exemplifying moral standards of conduct. (McCuistion, 2018) When
defining the word honor in leadership we learn that it means to “set
values upon someone or something to revere and to reward.” (DelHousaye
& Brewer, 2004) A servant leader provides protection to their
employees. This requires the leader to create an environment of
protection that results in success in the lives of those that the leader
protects. I feel as if my current leader provides these two principles.
I feel that I can flourish under her successfully and that she always
follows values that lead us to reward. (DelHousaye & Brewer, 2004)

Original Question: When we consider the word love as a verb instead
of a feeling, the biblical worldview would state that this loving
relationship is related to two principles: honor and protection. Explain
how these two principles guide servant leadership in the workplace.


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