land development assignment 3

  • Go onto the website for the Chester County, PA tax assessor’s office and find a site with a minimum of 25 acres.
  • Plot the site using CADD at a scale that will fit onto an 11 x 17 plan sheet, make sure it shows the property lines so that the property is defined on the plan
  • Overlay on the site the google earth image and topographic lines using either google or USGS information
  • If there is a stream, creek or pond on the site make sure you identify.
  • Determine if there any mapped wetlands on the property.
  • Check the FEMA map for the area to determine if there is a flood plain shown on the property.
  • Find the zoning data for the site and plot on the right-hand side of the sheet using the municipal website for the site you selected. If the municipal information is not online you may have to choose another location.
  • Indicate the size of the parcel in acres.
  • Make sure your plan includes a north arrow, a smaller location map, adjoining street names, graphic scale, location map, etc.
  • The plan should have a title block showing your name and the municipality in which the site is located.
  • Grade will be based on completeness of the information and neatness of the drawing.


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