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November 23, 2020
Benchmark Assignment: Multi-Generational Workforce
November 23, 2020

Junior High School PCI DSS compliance Discussion

To help businesses reduce risks around data protection and security, the payments industry established the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (also known as PCI SSC or the PCI Council) and PCI DSS. Being PCI compliant when accepting credit cards on your web site is very important.

1. Discuss TWO (2) PCI DSS compliances (must provide with APA citations/references) for a small business owners/designers, who wishes to conduct e-commerce business with other small businesses using the following:

  • Paypal button
  • Shopify

2.Discuss the difference between the two PCI data standards of SAQ A and SAQ A-EP

Requirements: Need a discussion with atleast 400 words and minimum of 4 references. in Proper APA format/citations.

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