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August 22, 2019
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August 22, 2019

Judges Paper

This paper must be written in Turabian format and should be between 600–750 words. In addition to the Willmington text and the Bible, you need to construct a bibliography containing a minimum of 2 academic sources.


The Book of Judges is known for a repetitive cycle in the life of Israel. In this cycle Israel habitually does what is “right in their own eyes,” which leads to problems, an oppressor, the raising up of a Judge that restores Israel and illustrates God’s faithfulness. Choose one of the major six judges and discuss Israel’s cycle. In your first paragraph, discuss what problems the nation experience and who was oppressing Israel? In your second paragraph explain Who was the judge that God raised up and how was Israel delivered from the oppression? Finally, conclude by giving your opinion on whether or not Israel ever truly repented of their ways. Give evidence for your conclusion.

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