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May 15, 2022
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May 30, 2022

Journal Research

Not all research is created equally.  Your textbook discusses what to look for in an article to determine if it is reliable and good research (if you can trust it!) from an academic perspective.  One way is to find reliable journals you know have a strong peer review process for all submitted manuscripts.  With this in mind:

1. Select a Journal you enjoy and report the following: 

The Journal Name (and link to the website)
The review process (Is it refereed? Is there an editor decision? Is the length of time the review may take reported?)
The Impact Factor (Find the journal’s impact factor and explain what it means)
Your decision on whether or not research articles published in the journal is acceptable to use for an academic literature review and why.

It is also important for you to understand how research is created. This will give you a greater understanding for the research process and research reports or articles. 

Let’s begin with research questions and hypotheses.  Please use the material in Chapter 3 of your text book ion writing research questions and hypotheses for the second discussion question this week:

2. Although research questions and hypotheses should be the result of an exhaustive literature review, for the purposes of this question, you may use your logic to connect these two variables:  Age  and Attention.

Using these variables write an example of a good general research question and a good testable hypothesis.

Attached is the book for this class


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