Applying Theory to Prevent the Spread of Organized Crime LASA 1
January 22, 2019
What does Johan Rockstrom mean when he argues that we should “let the environment guide our development”?
January 22, 2019

Is there a nondiscrimination policy?

Select ONE of the 5 exercises below.  Complete the exercise and then type your response to the questions in the submission box below.  

  1. Locate the Web site of a major corporation of your choice.  What statements about diversity are included?  Is there a nondiscrimination policy?  If so, what areas are included (e.g., race, sex, etc.) If possible determine the race, ethnicity and sex of the company’s CEO and/or other top executives.  How useful might this website be in recruiting women and minorities?  In recruiting Caucasian males?
  2. Locate the website of a large university and a small university.  What statements about diversity are included? Is there a nondiscrimination policy?  Consider the location of the university.  Is it more rural or more urban?  How might the size and location of the university affect the attractiveness of the university to students from different ethnic backgrounds, genders, or sexual orientations?
  3. Access the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Web site: http//  Document a recent lawsuit or settlement involving race, ethnic, sex, age, disability, national origin, or religious discrimination that was likely to have been covered by the media.  Describe the allegations, plaintiffs, and resolution of the case.  Document the time periods between the incidents and the final resolution of the case.  Search the Web for newspaper articles or other media presentations relevant to the case.  Are there different perspectives in the EEOC’s presentation and the media’s presentation?  Discuss this.
  4. The EEOC sued Hooters Restaurant for employment discrimination against men.  During the discrimination case Hooters presented itself as a family restaurant.  However, Hooters is known for having scantily clad waitresses and could be perceived as a sex-oriented business, rather than a family restaurant.  Investigate what happened in this case using reputable sources and discuss your opinions.
  5. Discuss stereotypes with a trusted friend or family member.  What kinds of job-related stereotypes is he or she aware of?  (Note that awareness of a stereotype doesn’t mean belief in it.)  Discuss how these stereotypes can negatively affect individual’s job opportunities and advancement.   What stereotypes may be related to your own personal characteristics (e.g., race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.)?  Consider not only how these stereotypes might affect how others think of you, but how they might shape how you think of yourself.

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