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November 22, 2020
please follow instructions and take any topic related to subject and must peer reviewed references below three years
November 22, 2020

Industrial Hygeinists: Asbestos Pollution & OSHA Policies discussion


Review the OSHA regulatory requirements for working with your chosen substance. Prepare a summary of each of the categories of compliance requirements within the OSHA standard (exposure limits, exposure monitoring, respiratory protection, etc.) in narrative form and explain the role the industrial hygienist plays for each of these requirements. Be sure to address at least six unique requirements.

29 CFR 1910 Subpart Z, Toxic and Hazardous Substances

Format your work using spacing, margins, font, and page numbering requirements as specified in the current APA Manual. Provide a reference for your source in APA format. Title page, table of contents, running head, and in-text citations are not required for this assignment only.

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