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March 18, 2021
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individual report and presentation on contemporary issue

assignment is an individual project where you are required to do secondary research on a contemporary issue or emerging trend, of current interest and relevance that can potentially impact any stage in the life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture. 2500 words report

  1. Submit the report on HYBRID ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Hybrid Entrepreneurship is the act of working a full time job while building a business part-time).
  2. Base your report on at least 5 academic journal articles directly related to the concept of Hybrid Entrepreneurship.
  3. Note you are to critique the contemporary issue, it is not simply a dump of literature currently available.
  4. Your report must include a 2 minute video. The link to this video must be on the front page of your report.
  5. Follow the guidelines provided in the rubric.


– Clearly identify the issue you have chosen as a contemporary issue, in other words, what makes your topic contemporary (new, innovative, thought provoking). which is hybrid entrepreneurship.

– Provide evidence of the contemporary issue, identify leading scholars, authors, academics and practitioners in your chosen topic.

– What is novel or new about your chosen topic?

– What is the value add you provide or suggest, what is your contribution to this body of knowledge?

  • Format: Microsoft Word.
  • Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
  • Text [Including references]: 1.5 line spacing, left-justified.
  • Page Layout: 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all sides with page numbers in the bottom right corner and no header/footer.
  • A front cover page that contains the report’s title, author(s), submission date and word count.
  • An executive summary of no longer than one page.
  • A table of contents. Main and sub-sections must be numbered and linked to page numbers.
  • The report must be paginated.
  • The report must be spell-checked.
  • In-text citation of sources must be done correctly (using APA6 or Harvard).
  • A reference list must be provided and comply with prescribed style (APA6, Harvard).
  • Each report must have an introduction and end with a conclusion.


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