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November 3, 2021
o Describe the behavioral symptoms for three of the most common mental health disorders present in the criminal justice system.
November 3, 2021

In what ways are you integrating evidence-based practice management


Topic: Integrating Evidence-Based Practice

In what ways are you integrating evidence-based practice management into your DNP Project goals? What are some specific ways you will use this to integrate this evidence to improve outcomes with your project?

I need only 350 words.

I have some things to share for this post to make it easier.

Look at the my scholarly project. Attached. Now I want you to integrate my covid experience.

I want you to say in a professional way that I have been in NYC hospital and I have seen how my project works with Epic when it comes to discharging patients from the emergency department. The system consist in adding follow up and establishing appointments with primary care and specialist d350 wordsirectly from Epic. Which is helpful and reduces unnecessary visits to ED because patients have appointments set up and are able to follow up as outpatient. In FL we do not have this services. And this is the reason why patients are returning to ED because they don’t have follow ups set ups with outpatient doctores to continue their care.

Remember to add the references!! I need 3 at least  

Please see attachment so u can have an idea of my prpject

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