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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

identify and discuss historical significance following terms

Question I :  Identify and Discuss the historical significance of the following terms and explain how each terms relates to an understanding of the African Diaspora. 

1.) The triangular Trade

2.) The Saharan slave trade

3.) The jesus of lubeck

4.) Goree

5.) The middle passage


Question II : in a well organized essay, respond to the following question. Express your thoughts and ideas with an introductory paragraph, a body & concluding paragraphs. 


What is the African Diapora? Identify & discuss the relevance and /or neccessity of studying the African Diaspora at institutions of higher learning? Identify, atleast , 3 major issues relating to the study of the African Diaspora. Discuss the importance, significance and relevance of any one of these issues.


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