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March 3, 2021
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March 3, 2021

I need a direct appeal created to raise funds for my nonprofit.

From teacher

Craft a strategy and example of how you would use a direct appeal to raise funds for your selected nonprofit. This assignment comes in two parts:

  • Part I: Create an example direct mail letter that you would send in order to solicit contributions for your nonprofit. There is no required format for this portion of the assignment; use what you learn about quality direct appeals this week to decide how you will craft your appeal. At minimum, your assignment should include some item that solicits the funds, along with a response card. If you wish to include other elements, feel free to do so.
  • Part II: Write a brief (no more than half a page) explanation of how you would distribute your appeal. Who would you send it to? When? How? Are there other tools that you would use to support the letter?

Since some of you may choose to include complicated formatting in your appeals, I am willing to accept pdf documents this week as well as Word documents.

Reminder: this assignment should be all original content created by you. Existing or upcoming appeals that have been produced by others in your organization are not acceptable. Please do not submit anything that is not your own original work created primarily for this class. I do recognize that some of you may be working on appeals at work, and if you wind up using some of this assignment in a future campaign, that’s great. But everything should be your work — not collaborative work you have done with your colleagues.

The nonprofit I am working on this semester is The Atlanta Mission. http://atlantamission.org/


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