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November 22, 2021
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November 22, 2021

hsa 4140 program planning and evaluation

Assignment 1:

You have been asked by your supervisor to review a community health program in your current healthcare setting. If you do not have a community program available at work, you may research and use for this assignment one that you find online.

Specifically, you are to discuss the issue that the program addresses. Present and evaluate the current program objectives and targets. Your supervisor wants to know your assessment based on your current knowledge of developing program objectives and setting targets.

Required key elements (be sure to review grading rubric for scoring!):

  • Develop a 2-page max WORD format paper that includes at minimum the following:
    • Cover/Title Page
    • Executive Summary (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Discuss the Situation. What issues does the program attempt to address?
    • Identify the program’s objectives and targets.
    • Present your Assessment of the program’s objectives and targets.
    • Present your Recommendations for program improvement
    • Conclusion
    • In-text citations and references: APA style
    • Writing: standard edited American English
  • Be sure the following is evident in your paper
    • Define the health problem
    • Identify or write the Casual Theory of the Health Problem
    • Identify several of the program objectives
    • Identify several of the program targets
    • Assessment of objectives and targets

    Attached you will the rubric and also the book as a reference. Please review rubric as it is a requirement to follow.


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