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November 21, 2020
The following plot shows the vapor pressure of various solutions of components A and B at some temperature. Which of the following statements is
November 21, 2020

HIV: Health Communication Campaign

For this Discussion, review the Storyboarding article and Storyboarding Template provided in this week’s resources. Think of an idea that you might include in a storyboard for your health communication campaign. Reflect on how you might organize this idea to develop a storyboard for your health communication campaign. This storyboard should focus on addressing a health risk for negative health behaviors associated with the health topic that you selected for your health communication campaign.

Post, a description of your storyboard idea and health risk pertaining to your selected health topic for your health communication campaign. Explain how you think your storyboard will be effective and why. Be specific and provide examples.

My topic is on hiv

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