Middle adulthood
November 19, 2021
Then, view the following video from this module’s readings in the&nbsp
November 19, 2021

help with apa citation only 3 references

Please use APA format for the citations, both in-text and for the bibliography (see the textbook or the OWL guide to APA citations (Links to an external site.)).

please help me cite the following three citation in APA format

Person. “4 French Women on How They Really Feel About Aging.” Marie Claire, Marie Claire, 22 Mar. 2018, www.marieclaire.com/culture/a19420928/4-french-women-on-how-they-really-feel-about-aging/.

“France Beauty and Personal Care Products Market : Growth: Trends : Forecast.” Market Research – Consulting, Reports, Advisory, Sizing, www.mordorintelligence.com/industry-reports/france-cosmetics-products-market–industry.

“Birds’ Nest Benefits, Myths and Whys? Birdnest Eating FAQs -.” HoneyCity Singapore – Authentic Certified Manuka Honey Health Food, 18 Nov. 2019, honeycity.com.sg/birds-nest-benefits-myths-eating-faq/.


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