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April 11, 2021
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April 11, 2021


Healthcare 1. How can the differences be explained in the profile of environmental health problems between high-income countries and low- and middle-income countries? Are these differences a function of history, demography, wealth, knowledge, or something else? (Chapter 10) 2. As the scale of human impact on the global œenvironment increases, people become more concerned about the consequences of disruption of our œhabitat. What does this signify? (Chapter 10) 3. What are some statues and how adequate are the existing international legal statutes in protecting internally displaced persons? (Chapter 11) 4. What population-based interventions have been developed to address the mental health needs of emergency-affected populations? Have they been proven to be effective? (Chapter 11) Give detailed answers and cite a minimum of 2 references. Remember to also respond substantially to a minimum of 2 classmates no later than Sunday, March 22nd. Follow APA guidelines. Discussion #3 1. Why is it important to use theories in program planning? 2. What are the benefi ts of using more than one theory in program planning? 3. You are developing a program to increase the physical activity levels of college students on a campus. Apply this situation to each of the theories. What would each theory suggest is behind a lack of physical activity in college undergraduates? 4. Using FIU Online library, search for an article in a professional journal that reviews the literature associated with one of the theories discussed in this chapter. According to the article, for which target population was the theory developed and tested, and to what health behavior(s) and environments was the theory applied? Give a detailed answer.


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