consider the threats to validity in quantitative research and explore strategies to mitigate these threats. You will also consider the ethical issues in quantitative research, the implications these i
February 28, 2021
mkt 301
February 28, 2021

health hazards

Environmental Health Hazards

Question 1: There are many environmental hazards found in the home, work, and environment. Describe at least two hazards from each of these 3 areas. What type of influence do these hazards have on populations?

Question 2: Environmental health disparities refer to vulnerable populations (such as the poor, homeless, immigrants, etc.) having greater exposure to environmental hazards compared with non-vulnerable populations. Discuss the factors that contribute to these disparities. Describe an environmental disparity in your community or one near it. What interventions could be used to mitigate the risks to these populations? How would you advocate for these populations?


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