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Health Disparities

Due Date: July 31st


Please follow below directives


Please use scholarly sources and APA format


Part 2 will include the following components in a narrative of 1,000-1,500 words


This assignment will focus on description of the current policy, description of key stakeholders, and description of key factors or multidisciplinary impacts for the policy. This section should demonstrate a good understanding of the policy. The overview of the current policy should provide details about the policy being analyzed as well as a description of the target audience for the policy. Describe the key stakeholders who have a significant interest in the problem being addressed by the policy. The key factors, or multidisciplinary impacts, are those factors that affect stakeholder viewpoints that need to be considered when analyzing the policy problem.


Please see attached prepared assignment that you will be following to add the below follow up research sections to. For the below “Overview of Current Policy”, you will be looking at current policy in the state of New Jersey in the United States, as it pertains to health disparities for African Americans and Hispanics. See attached document.

You can also make any changes you deem necessary to the previous attached assignment paper, as what you will be doing is incorporating the below sections to that paper.


V. Overview of Current Policy (in New Jersey). See below information including link to that information. Write in your own words

In July of 2020, Governor Murphy of New Jersey signed into law a legislation that increased affordability to expand access to health care, by creating state-level subsidies to lower the cost of health insurance for residents purchasing coverage on the Marketplace that fall (State of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy, 2020). The Senator, Joe Vitale, Chair of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee stated that the bill will help to ensure that people are able to afford health insurance during the critical time when a global disease is not only threatening their health, but their financial security in unimaginable ways.

Governor Murphy’s Administration has taken numerous actions to improve access to health coverage, including the creation of a reinsurance program, instituting the shared responsibility requirement, and establishing a State-Based Exchange, among others (State of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy, 2020). These actions have lowered insurance rates in the individual market and set the foundation for improved health care outcomes in New Jersey.

State of New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy. (2020, July 31). Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Restore a Key Provision of the Affordable Care Act and Lower the Cost of Health Care in New Jersey


VI.       Key Stakeholders

VII.     Key Factors/Multidisciplinary Impacts

a)      Epidemiological and medical factors (e.g., what is the scope of this problem and who is affected?)

b)      Economic factors (e.g., what is the economic impact of addressing and of not addressing this problem?)

c)      Political factors (e.g., are there interest groups, political groups, or individuals who oppose change and who support change for this problem?)

d)      Ethical factors (e.g., are there communities or groups unfairly or disproportionately affected by this problem?)

e)      Legal factors (e.g., are there legal restrictions or uncertainties related to this problem?)

f)       Practical factors (e.g., is it realistic to solve this problem at this time?)


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