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January 12, 2022
Reflecting on Self-Assessments and the SCARF Model
January 12, 2022



AIDressed most of the key elements of the assignment. Need to elaborate much more in several of your sections. Content A description of the problem €“ Need to elaborate. An analysis of the problem €“ need to elaborate Aproposal for at least one concrete action- Makes sense but too broad and general. Need to be more specific. Describe your set of actions in detail. Psychologists / mental health professionalrole- Again, too general, need to be more specific and detailed. Furthermore it needs to go beyond the individual level. Social change the way it has been discussed throughout the course involves ecological changes. Need to intervene at different levels of the ecological system. The individual is but one aspect; if you only stay there, it would be considered a reductionist approach. Critique your suggested action Discuss the potential positive and negative outcomes Discuss any ethical issues €“ Write about this in a separate section, the way outlined here. Evaluate the outcomes Any conclusion section? References Writing Format €“ In your first page centered title, no upper case of all of the letters. Review documents I sent and uploaded on the final paper. Second page title? Formatting of section headings not consistent. 1. A description of the problem. You can enhance this section with excerpts from local news stories or governmental statistics. You may also wish to include summaries of interviews with individuals who are affected by the problem. 2. An analysis of the problem using one of the social change theories that you have studied in this course. 3. A proposal for at least one concrete action that can be developed to help ameliorate the problem. Include information about how the action would be funded. Your proposed action needs to be supported by psychological and/or sociological theory, research, and practice. 4. Explain how psychologists / mental health professionals can play a key role in driving or supporting your proposed action. 5. Critique your suggested action by examining how feasible it would be culturally, politically, economically, and otherwise, given what you know about your community. 6. Discuss the potential positive and negative outcomes of applying your selected interventions to the problem and be sure to outline the potential unintended consequences of you suggestions. 7. Discuss any ethical issues that your suggested action would pose for psychologists and how these issues may be aIDressed. 8. Finally, briefly discuss how you might evaluate the outcomes of your proposed action.


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