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Global Economic and Political Issues DB

Deliverable Length: 400–600 words

The importance of trade continues to
be a topic that is debated because the gains are not always quantifiable by
those involved. An article by Ed Crooks published on January 6, 2011,
“America: Riveting Prospects,” discusses why American companies are
sometimes opposed to exporting.

Using your search engine type
“America: Riveting Prospects” by Ed Crooks, published in the
Financial Times on January 6, 2011. You will notice several options under this
title, chose the link that is provided by the Financial Times. There is a free
version of this article through the search engine. Avoid going directly to the
article’s Web address because you will be prompted to subscribe to its membership.
A subscription payment is not necessary to review this article.

  1. Summarize why the author claims that U.S. companies are
    still having issues with exporting.
  2. Discuss the five reasons that Crooks outlines in the
    article and finish your post by offering your opinion of
    whether The Economist’s viewpoint or with The
    viewpoint is more agreeable.


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