week 3 types of business law part 1
March 30, 2021
please write 6 page paper responding to one of the questions below
March 30, 2021

full project

This is a full project that consists of FIVE PARTS! All of them have to be done and delivered in separate files to complete this question

Everything is well explained in the attahced files

1- Research Proposal ( instructions attached )

2- Annotated Bibliography ( 10 sources – instructions attached )

3- Formal Outline ( instructions attached )

4- Research Paper ( 15 – 20 pages )

5- Formal Presentation (10 min)

I will attach an example for each part of the project when you accept the question


Final Research Project:

The intent of this final project is for you to start thinking about Ethics in relationship to your chosen career goals. Thus, the first set of questions below are the most important. The second set are simply broad philosophical questions just to help you start thinking ethically, vis-a-vis the modern world. The last set of questions are specific issues facing us in the 21st century. These may or may not coincide with your career, but hopefully they will help get you thinking for your own topic.

( my major is Criminal Justice. And my possible career would be in police. So try choosing or finding something relative)

Ethics and your Career:

What are the codes of ethics for my chosen profession?

What are the ethical dilemmas facing my career path?

What are some key historical ethical issues from the past, in my field?

Ethics and broad Philosophical Questions:

How does my view of the afterlife influence my actions in life?

What role does religion play in making my choices?

What do I owe my parents?

What are the ethical implications of the entertainment industry?

What gives my life meaning and how does this inform my standards of behavior?

Does language make me think and act the way I do?

What role does ethics have in providing me with an identity?

What is the relationship between emotions and ethics?

What is the relationship between lifestyle, environment, and ethics?

How does racism affect my life?

Why shouldn’t I be selfish?

How should I make (and spend) money? Is it an ethical issue?

Ethics and Specific Issues facing us in the 21st Century:

Terrorism and Torture

Politics and ethics

Diet and ethics


Stem cell research

Pornography and Art

The 1st amendment

The 2nd amendment

Religious expression in the work place

Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery

Wall Street and Occupy Movement

Not standing for the National Anthem

Right to Health Care

Minimum Wage

Sexual Equality




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