8 Short Essay Questions Literature
March 2, 2021
find average rate change function between x1 and x5
March 2, 2021

For Essay 3

start with a paragraph that summarizes the book that you chose. Then write one or more paragraphs that thoughtfully link some part of the content of that book to any topic presented in lecture. Don’t make us guess. Be explicit about how the lecture topic and the book interrelate. Give suf icient detail. Write a thoughtful concluding paragraph.”

Your essay assignments are designed for you to explore and discuss the connections between food and science. You can choose one of two chapters for each of your essays: For Essay #3: Chapter 5 Sex on the Kitchen Table. 

I have attached the book “Sex on the Kitchen Table: The Romance of Plants and Your Food”  chapter 5. and I attached the essay prompt as well.


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