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March 11, 2021
400 Word Discussion Using Inferential Statistics
March 11, 2021

finer diner average tables hypothesis

Finer Diner claims that on any given night, the average number of tables served is 80. A food services researcher feels that this average is incorrect. The researcher selects a random sample of 64 nights and finds the mean of the sample to be 76 tables. The population standard deviation (σ) is 1.4 tables. Is there evidence to support the claim of the researcher at α = 0.05?

Compose a 800- to 1,050-word summary report of your findings to the researcher and owner of the restaurant in which you:

  • Identify evidence, if any, of the researcher’s claim.
  • Perform a one- or two-tail test on the data provided,
  • Explain the process you used to test the hypothesis, and
  • Report what value α would have to be in order for your decision to be reversed.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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