QUALITATIVE STUDY EVALUATION, psychology homework help
September 20, 2020
anthropology read and write
September 20, 2020

find a piece of digital storytelling and show how it works besides writing one page

First part:

Your objective for this project is to analyze what a digital story is as you define it. You’ll write a short analysis of how it works, and you’ll present it to us in a short (~3 minute) demo. You can find some here: https://collection.eliterature.org/ (I would prefer if you found me a game because it will be easier for me to present it in class)

Second part:

The Meta Letter: Your letter is a full page.

*Full and Detailed instructions are on file attached*

Please keep me updated of your findings so I can share it with my instructor to receive his opinion on it before you start working on the assignment.


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