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November 22, 2021
You must use at least three scholarly sources other than the textbook and required resources for this assignment. The paper must include a summary of each of the challenges identified and each of the remedies to those challenges. In addition, you must include an explanation of the cultural challenges in the classroom using one of the sociological perspectives and Piaget’s theory of the preoperational stage of cognitive development.&nbsp
November 22, 2021

Final exam, econ 2010 spring 2021 _april 27


Dear all, 
The final exam will be on April 27, 2021.

1. The exam will be available to you between 10 am and 11:59pm on April 27. But once you open the exam you will have four hours to finish it. So it is timed.
2. The exam will have a total of 60 questions and a total of 60 points.

3. Exam will be in a quiz format (multiple choice questions).

4. Exam will mainly cover topics after the mid term exam (that is Week 7 to Week 13 or Module 6 to Module 9, look at the syllabus and Modules section). In addition,  some questions will be from Module 5- Welfare Analysis, Taxes and Tax policy. However, you should have some understanding of the concepts we covered before that as well, to answer questions in the final exam.

Let me know if you have any doubts. 

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