The purpose is to complete only a synthesis of the topic. To start, only look at studies that are specific to your women’s health topic.
April 18, 2021
in this assignment you ll need to decide whether patty plaintiff has any legal claims arising from a series of unfortunate events after reading the scenario answer the questions that follow making sure to fully explain the basis of your decision
April 18, 2021

FA PH 5 Proj

6 Excel worksheets (3 already done on previous assignment) & a memo (minimum 350–500 words)

Part 2 Tasks (Week 5)

Complete a set of financial statements based on the transactions and general ledger from the Phase 4 IP. The financials to be completed on an Excel spreadsheet are the following:

  • Income statement
  • Statement of owners’ equity
  • Balance sheet

Based on the financial statements, prepare a memo to the President of LMO Company as to the financial performance of your company. Include the following:

  • 3 strategies that the company can employ to improve its performance and increase net income
  • Explanation of who might use the financial statements

  • Be sure to include internal and external users.


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