Briefly discuss the types of challenges that each sector—both public and private—may face.
October 2, 2018
a brief summary of the problem on which the issue is focused and the context within which that problem is set
October 2, 2018

Explain the revolving door and the Texas legislature.

Please answer following three essay questions.

Each essay must be at least two pages long (double-spaced and font size of 12).  You are more than welcome to write more than two pages for each essay.

You may use any sources (your textbook, etc.) to answer these questions.  Please make sure to give proper citations if you utilize any sources.  MLA format is a must (work cited page, in-text citations, etc.).  An essay that lacks complete MLA format will lose 25 points.

1. Explain the revolving door and the Texas legislature. Should ex-legislators be able to become lobbyists? Should there be a ban on such activities? If so, should there be laws in place that will determine the time period of this kind of ban? Do you see any long-term dangers to permitting former lawmakers to serve as lobbyists?

2. What happened when tuition and fees for Texas colleges were no longer controlled or mandated by the state legislature? Discuss the background conditions that led to this decision and how this affected state funding for higher education.

3. One of the most controversial judicial issues in Texas is the death penalty. Explain some of the reasons for the controversy. How does race play a role in the controversy? What role does the court of criminal appeals play? What is the process by which clemencies are offered?

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