Define psychotherapy as a psychological approach to treating mental disorders.
September 17, 2018
What are the biggest barriers that prevent you from listening effectively? Explain how you could overcome these barriers
September 17, 2018

Explain the factors influencing perception


Basically, organizational coordination and control is taking a systematic approach to figuring out if you’re doing what you wanted to be doing or not. It’s the part of planning after you’ve decided what you wanted to be doing. Below are some of the major approaches to organizational control and coordination.
Many People Are Averse to Management “Control”
New, more “organic” forms or organizations (self-organizing organizations, self-managed teams, network organizations, etc.) allow organizations to be more responsive and adaptable in today’s rapidly changing world. These forms also cultivate empowerment among employees, much more than the hierarchical, rigidly structured organizations of the past.
Many people assert that as the nature of organizations has changed, so must the nature of management control. Some people go so far as to claim that management shouldn’t exercise any form of control whatsoever. They claim that management should exist to support employee’s efforts to be fully productive members of organizations and communities — therefore, any form of control is completely counterproductive to management and employees.
Some people even react strongly against the phrase “management control”. The word itself can have a negative connotation, e.g., it can sound dominating, coercive and heavy-handed. It seems that writers of management literature now prefer use of the term “coordinating” rather than “controlling”.
“Coordination” Must Exist or There’s No Organization — Only an “Experience”
Q.2 Veer Prabhakar is the Vice President of web bazaar, online portal for [10]
shopping of various products. He has team of 100 people at different
levels and departments. He is facing certain challenges.
Challenge 1
To maintain motivation levels of sales associated who are doing good sales
Challenge 2
How to deal with the supply chain associates who are not following up
properly for order delivery. (Currently, they are getting Cell Phone
allowance for consistence follow-up after office hours)
Challenge 3
To deal with the people who keep taking leaves without prior information.
Suggest suitable methods to shape employee behavior. [10]
Q.3 Write a detailed note on Myers-Briggs type indicator [10]
Q.4 Explain the factors influencing perception [10]
Q.5 Describe the leadership Grid with the help of the diagram [10]
Q.6 Given below are certain observations done by an OD consultant for an organization dealing with manufacturing of tyres. She makes the following observations about two key people in the organization.

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